Robin Ebbestad, MD
CEO & Co-founder

With his experience as a Medical Doctor, Robin has experienced first-hand what it currently means to care for patients with kidney disease. The prognosis is too uncertain, the treatment options are too broad and the positive outcomes for the patients are too few.

As CEO, Robin leads the team to execute on Magnephy’s mission to provide pharmaceutical developer and nephrologists with the tools to develop and find the right treatment for each patient. Together with his team, he aims to bring new cures to patients through partnerships with pharmaceutical developers using the next generation kidney pathology developed at Magnephy.

Robin received his Medical Degree from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and is currently a PhD-candidate at the same university. Previously, he has worked as a medical doctor at the Department of Nephrology both at Linkoping University Hospital and Danderyd University Hospital. Currently he is doing an Internship as Research Physician at Danderyd University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Robin is a Clinical Fellow at the national Analytic Imaging and Diagnositcs Arena (AIDA) for bringing AI-solutions to health care.