Hans Blom, PhD

Hans holds a MSc in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University and a PhD in Photonics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where he is a Docent in Biological Physics. He has twenty-five years of experience in developing and applying advanced microscopy tools for high-resolution and ultra-sensitive imaging applications.

His professional career include position as Trainee at the Electron Microscopy facility (GFE) in Aachen, Germany. R&D engineer at Olympus microscopy in Hachioji, Japan. Postdoc in Nobel laurate Stefan Hell’s lab in Göttingen, Germany – developing STED for single molecule analysis. Assistant Professor at KTH – developing STED microscopy for life science applications. Facility manager for super-resolution microscopy support at Science for Life laboratory in Stockholm. Research leader of the high-resolution 3D kidney project at KTH and co-founder of Magnephy.

Hans is also a Lennart Nilsson Karolinska Institutet awardee, promoted for the eternal quest in scientific photography to see what no one else has seen before. He has a background as military officer and is employed by the Swedish Army reserve. When not scouting the biological nanoscale he parents two wonderful teenagers, enjoy his hobbies of lindy hop dancing and outdoor recreation. At the company Hans will be responsible for our advanced microscopy tools.