The Future of Kidney Imaging

Super-resolved 3D Imaging

Visualize the nano-scale structures and pathologies of the kidney in three dimensions with state-of-the-art microscopy.

AI-Based Segmentation

Structures and pathologies of interest are identified and segmented in three dimensions for further analysis using our propriety AI-based software.

Nanoscale Quantification

Magnephy combines state-of-the-art microscopy and AI-technology to accurately quantify pathologies, reveal new insights and drive the discoveries of tomorrow.



With our flexible microscopy platform we can examine a wide variety of biological questions and our experts are always available from project planning to execution.

Quantify Effects

Evaluate and compare the effect of drug candidates in a standardized and quantitative way to increase development efficiency.

Targeting Efficacy

Examine the targeting efficacy of your targeted drug formulations at the 3D nano scale to validate desired effects.


Who We Are

With over 10 years of experience in advanced quantitative kidney imaging, our team has world-leading expertise in microscopy, computer vision and medical application dedicated to bring you the best results.

Our Vision

A world where a cure can be found for every individual suffering from kidney disease.

Our Mission

To provide pharmaceutical developers and nephrologists with the tools to develop the precision medicine of the future and the diagnostics to reach each individual patient.


Robin Ebbestad, MD
Robin Ebbestad, MD

Chief Executive Officer

David Unnersjö, PhD
David Unnersjö, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Hans Blom, PhD
Hans Blom, PhD


Arash Fatehi, MSc
Arash Fatehi, MSc

Chief Software Officer

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